Pet Policy

At Executive Suites Stuttgart, we have several pet-friendly apartments. With prior approval, we have always been happy to welcome our guests’ pets.

Our only policy in the beginning was to provide each dog with a stuffed animal upon arrival: the adorable Gustav. While this was working well for some time, unfortunately we eventually experienced challenges to our belief in responsible pet owners and common sense.

Therefore, we now specify the following requirements:

  • A pet deposit of 500 Euro is to be paid upon check-in. This is fully refundable at the end of your stay if there is no damage.
  • Dogs cannot be left at home alone all day.
  • Noise complaints from neighbors may result in your having to make other arrangements for your pet.
  • Dogs must be walked out beyond any common spaces like gardens, courtyards and playgrounds to do their business. No pets should urinate or defecate in these areas, as it is difficult to clean, and children should be safe in these spaces. According to German law, dogs are not allowed on playgrounds. This is valid for private and public playgrounds.
  • When our maid service comes, dogs must be kenneled, taken out, or accompanied by an owner. We always provide notice before they come, to give you time to plan accordingly.

Gustav is still part of our policy, though!

Thank you for helping us maintain our standards so we can continue to offer pet-friendly apartments.