PCS to Stuttgart, Germany

Your orders have come in. It’s time to pick up everything and head to Stuttgart, Germany. It’s a big move to a new country with a different language and culture. You’ve got plenty to worry about… So why not take concerns about accommodations right off that list?

Where to stay when you arrive

When it’s PCS season, it’s common for there to be nothing available on-base. Whether you’re military or civilian, you may find yourself affected by the housing shortage. They hand you a CNA, Certificate of Non-Availability, and now you have to find somewhere else to go.

Don’t worry! The solution to your temporary housing needs could be as simple as booking a serviced apartment from Executive Suites Stuttgart.

While there are many hotels in Stuttgart, a hotel room simply can’t provide the comfort of your own apartment. Why should you be cramped in a room of 300 sq. feet for several months when you could have a furnished rental three or four times that size?

If you’re coming with kids, all the more reason! Enjoy a bedroom for yourself, private room(s) for the kids, and a kitchen, dining area, and living room for sharing family time.

The amenities in your apartment go far beyond what you can find elsewhere:

  • Get ready to make delicious meals in a modern kitchen with all the appliances and tools you need.
  • Not into cleaning? Weekly maid service and linen change are included. You’ll also have your own washer and dryer.
  • Make unlimited phone calls to the US (landlines and cells) and several other countries.
  • Curl up on the couch for cable TV with channels in English
  • Enjoy your own high-speed Internet connection, separate for each apartment. No worries about lag time!
  • Never worry about hunting for parking thanks to your own reserved spot – or take advantage of nearby public transportation.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about surprise charges or hidden fees. There’s just one rate, set up front, and no commission or deposit. You can pay with a credit card and use VAT forms. Be sure to ask about TQSA/TLA rates!

Forget about waiting in line at reception. The staff of Executive Suites Stuttgart provides top-notch personal service. Every check-in is arranged personally and there’s always a member of staff on call if you have a question or need something.

Bringing a pet? While Germany is known for being dog-friendly, it can still be tough to find a place that your pet(s) will find comfortable. Executive Suites Stuttgart offers a variety of pet-friendly apartments. Just ask!

Looking for long-term housing

Unfortunately Stuttgart is a very difficult house-hunting market. It’s not easy to find suitable long-term housing. In fact, it’s not uncommon to spend several months for something satisfactory. The good news is that with Executive Suites Stuttgart, you can book without knowing when you will move out. And of course, while the hunt is going on, wouldn’t you rather be in a fully furnished apartment that allows you to enjoy all the routines of home?

Getting to know the city

Wherever you are in the PCS process, there’s plenty to discover in Stuttgart! You can learn more about Stuttgart and what not to miss when you are here by checking out our Relocation Guide: Moving to Stuttgart or by following us on Facebook.

While relocation can be a source of stress, it can also be a wonderful opportunity. Take advantage of all that your new situation has to offer: new cuisines, European cafes, all kinds of museums, excellent shopping, various festivals, and so much more.

Discover interesting facts about the city and the surrounding area. Get restaurant recommendations. Check out ideas for cultural activities and family-friendly fun.

Of course, you can also get in touch by message, e-mail or phone for questions and to get personalized recommendations.

Ready for Your PCS?

When you’re going through such a major change, having relaxing, spacious accommodations can make all the difference. Cushion the transition by reserving your own home away from home.

Take it from a previous guest:

Being caught in the US Government shutdown, I was unable to make timely arrangements for a hotel in Stuttgart. Additionally, Oktoberfest was underway and when I started calling around, I found that 191 of 192 hotels were completely booked for the first week in October. I had corresponded with Executive Suites and they came to my rescue. Not only did they provide me with first class accommodations, within my budget, they were willing to pick me up at the airport and check me in late in the evening. I’m a very happy customer.

Dr. Tom Karnowski

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